Computer Aided Data Book of Vapor Pressure 
Second Edition, by Shuzo Ohe, Ph.D.


  • This second edition is a major revision of the original, which is cited in many well known professional books. Now supplemented with over 50% more data, compiled from open academic journals, the new edition contains 3024 sets -- more than any other in the world.
  • Consistent data has been selected and optimum parameters have been determined by the least squares method.
  • The Antoine equation is used as a de facto standard.
  • Data sets are displayed two to a page for easy reading.



  • 3024 sets of the newest data


  • 1550 pages with two graphs on each page


  • Hard cover, 6×8 inches


  • ISBN: 4-902209-04-7


  • 1,400 USD


Major items of revision

  • Units are displayed in two temperatures -- [C], [F] -- and four pressures -- [kPa], [mmHg], [atm], [psia].
  • Four-color printing makes it easy to distinguish different units.
  • Each pressure type is plotted on a separate axis.
  • Novel linear expression of graph makes for easy reading and precise comparisons.